How to get there

The best way to get to our side of the UCI campus is the 73 Toll Road. Note that if you are coming from the North (from the 55 or 405) no toll will be required. From the South, you are not so lucky!

Take the Bison off-ramp from the 73 and follow Bison to UCI. Once you pass Peltason Drive, take your first right into parking lot 16 or 16B. There are permit dispensers in these lots in the row of spots next to Bison. Parking costs $13 for the day. You can also proceed on Bison until it dead ends and then take a left. This will get you to lot 13, which also has a permit dispenser but fewer parking spaces. Lot 13 is immediately adjacent to the location of the meeting: Room 1114, Natural Sciences 1