Presentation Guidelines



Talks and questions + answers should fit into 15 minutes. We strongly recommend 12 minute presentations to allow enough time for 3 minutes of discussion. Construct your presentation with the slideshow software of your choice. The organizers will reach out via email regarding technical details prior to the meeting.


Posters should be displayed starting at the beginning of the meeting and can be viewed throughout the day. Please take down your poster when you leave at the conclusion at the meeting. Use a standard conference format convention (e.g. 36" X 48", A0). Avoid idiosyncratic sizes and shapes. Otherwise, use the poster format that suits you. The two poster sessions will last 30 minutes each and posters will also be viewed during lunch. 

Lightning talks

Lightning talks will be 1 minute each and will be linked to a poster presentation. Posters will be viewable throughout the meeting. For those who will give lightning talks, please prepare a 1 minute presentation to advertise your poster. There should be only one slide of content. You can choose to have your title slide separately or as part of your single slide, but in no case give more than a 1 title slide + 1 content slide. Please use your single minute of time as an opportunity to advertise your poster and attract viewers rather than to tell a story. The story telling should happen at your poster! We will be very strict with time.