Presentation Guidelines

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Time Speaker, Affiliation, Title

8:00 Registration and Coffee (with some light food)

9:00 Tony Long, UCI , Using a yeast synthetic population to model adaptation

9:30 Yi Liao, UCI, Evolution of genomic structural variations and topologically associated domains in Drosophila genomes

9:45 Rachel Schell, USC, A model for conditional essentiality: HOS3 in budding yeast

10:00 Sandeep Venkataram, UCSD, Adaptive evolution in a yeast-algae mutualism

10:15 Lightning Slots

10:30 Coffee and Posters (Odd Numbers)

11:00 Dan Koenig, UCR, Using one of the world’s oldest experiments to explore the genetic architecture of plant adaptation

11:15 Nandita Garud, UCLA, Evolutionary dynamics of commensal gut bacteria in the human microbiome

11:30 Karin Kram, CSUDH, Use of Whole Transcriptome Analysis to Characterize the Response to Long-Term Stationary Phase

11:45 Lorena Torres Martinez, UCR, The adaptive potential of plant populations in response to extreme climate events

12:00 Lunch catered by Tacos N Co. (and a chance to peruse posters)

1:30 Bob Wayne, UCLA, Deleterious variation and conservation

2:00 Alejandra Rodriguez-Verdugo, UCI, Rapid evolution destabilizes pairwise interactions in fluctuating environments

2:15 Yongfeng Zhou, UCI, Structural variation in grapevine domestication

2:30 Alex Rajewski, UCR, Hybrid Origin of Bamboo Population Inferred from Haplotype-Phased Amplicon sequencing

2:45 Keely Brown, UCR, Severe inbreeding depression is predicted by the “rare allele load” in Mimulus guttatus

3:00 Coffee and Posters (Even Numbers)

3:30 Minhui Chen, USC, Evidence of polygenic adaptation at height-associated loci in mainland Europeans and Sardinians

3:45 Jesse Garcia, UCLA, Extensive negative linkage disequilibrium between amino acid changing variants reveals interference among deleterious mutations in the human genome.

4:00 Longhua Guo, UCLA, Genetic architecture of an island species, Schmidtea mediterranea

4:15 Eric Watson, USC, Sex-specific genetic architecture of hybrid inviability.

4:30 Arun Sethuraman, CSUSM, The Genomic Landscape of Neanderthal Ancestry in Modern Human Populations

5:00 Dinner on your own at University Town Center


⚡Denotes lightning talk

Poster #, Name, Affiliation, Title

1. Tiffany Batarseh, UCI, Genome content evolution in Xylella fastidiosa

2. ⚡Arunachalam Ramaiah, UCI, Genome Landscape and Associated Structural Features of Chromosomes in Asian Malaria Mosquito Anopheles stephensi

3. Danelle Seymour, UCR, Phylogenetic shifts in gene body methylation correlate with gene expression and reflect trait conservation

4. Chris Fiscus, UCR, A K-mer Based Approach to Characterize the Dark Matter of the Arabidopsis thaliana Genome

5. Arafat Rahman, UCR, Characterizing in planta competitive fitness of wild Bradyrhizobium strains

6. Yi Huang, UCR, Applying environmental and genetic data to evaluate subspecies differentiation in Eastwood’s manzanita (Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw., Ericaceae)

7. Glen Morrison, UCR, How many manzanitas? Preliminary genetic analyses do not distinguish some currently recognized species.

8. ⚡James Boocock, UCLA, Ancient balancing selection maintains incompatible versions of a conserved metabolic pathway in yeast

9. Tzitziki Lemus Vergara, CSULA, Genetics of chromosome-X nondisjunction rate variation in C. elegans

10 ⚡Aline Muyle, UCI, Gene capture by transposable elements leads to epigenetic conflict

11. ⚡Ben Flanagan, USC, Investigating the mother’s curse hypothesis using forward evolutionary simulations

12. ⚡Michael Lough-Stevens, USC, The copulatory plug affects implantation in mice

13. ⚡Yuheng Huang, UCI, Evolution of gene expression and splicing in parallel cold-adapted Drosophila populations

14. ⚡Mahul Chakraborty, UCI, The population and quantitative genetics of structural variation

16. ⚡Xinwen Zhang, UCI, The expression of incipient duplications in two strains of Drosophila melanogaster